DJ Lucy: Sleep & Relax

DJ Lucy_Sleep_and_Relax


DJ Lucy: Premium Sleep & Relax Ambiance White Noise Sounds provides relax sounds to help you gently go to sleep.




✔ DJ Lucy: Premium Sleep & Relax Ambiance White Noise Sounds contains more than 60 minutes of sounds that are proven to help
✔ Full Stereo sounds
✔ Background audio support with iPod control integration
✔ Sounds are carefully crafted & selected to ensure sleep & relaxation enhancement 
✔ On-screen media and volume controls with support for headphones with remote controls and iPod controls on lock and multitask screens
✔ Sound timers that slowly fade audio out so you don’t suddenly awake
✔ Select time of playing with built-in timer
✔ Your will calm down and fall asleep in minutes
✔ Especially created for your sleeping problems
✔ Retina display fully supported

by BrettVuh on 15.04.2017
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